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Our background

'Pensione I 4 Assi' was established at the end of the 1960s by four youths as an expression of their love of their city. Siblings Laura and Zola, descendants of a family with great sea-faring traditions, decided, along with their respective spouses, Umberto and Luisa, to embark on a new business venture, by opening the doors of a new pension to the numerous bathers who crowd the Viareggio beaches in the summertime. The first step was to choose a name that would represent the fusion of the four managers' diverse personalities. They opted for "I Quattro Assi" (the Four Aces), identifying the salient features of each of them with the suits in a deck of cards. Laura, who had most cash at the time, is the ace of hearts; her husband Umberto, who is rather introverted and grumpy, is the ace of spades; Zola, a person of elegance and charm, is the ace of hearts; Luisa, the youngest and most reckless of the four, is the ace of clubs.

The business has passed on from generation to generation, up to the present day. Now, under the expert eye of 'Donna Laura', the hotel is managed by her son Stefano and grandson Umberto. Their mission is to hand down and convey the values of ancient Viareggio hospitality, adapting them to the needs of a modern clientele and ensuring all guests a 'family' stay.

Quattro Assi, such as your home.